“The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result”
Albert Einstein

If the above quote is true, does that mean that most golfers are insane? Think about how many golfers turn up to play on a Saturday without making any change to their approach, then expect to miraculously play well.

Quite often this golfer comes armed with the latest tip from a magazine or the internet, but with little or no practice.

In most other sports we don’t just show up on game day and expect to play well, there is usually at least one training session each week where the players are put through some drills by the coach, with the goal of improving the areas of the game that need work.

Why don’t we do this with golf? Why not go to training each week where the coach can set up a series of drills designed to sharpen and improve your game? The traditional model in golf has been the 30 minute lesson with a pro, with the player then to a large extent left to their own devices to get some practice in. Weekly training sessions would enable the coach to keep an eye on any issues creeping into your game as well as monitor your progress in any areas of concern.

At many golf facilities this change has already begun, with coaches offering weekly supervised practice or training sessions. At City Golf Club in Toowoomba the coaching staff have begun to implement some of these programs with many golfers surprised at how beneficial and enjoyable this can be, as well as being more cost effective than constant private lessons.

Now is a great time to take the initiative and get your golf game headed in the right direction. Contact a Golf coach in your area, and ask about coaching programs with regular supervised practice sessions. A good coach will be very happy to set aside some time to discuss your goals, and tell you about any programmes they have in place.
If you are interested in any of the programmes at City Golf Club, contact Fairway at City on (07) 46354800, or via e-mail city@fairwaygolf.com.au for more information.

Chris Britnell
Member of PGA of Australia